Smiling man
Smiling man

Treatment Focus

Scott has over 20 years experience working with patients in crises, such as suicidality or addiction, and is skilled in treating complex mental health conditions such as borderline personality disorder, PTS, in addition to the sphere of people who don’t meet criteria for a diagnosis but find intense emotional reactions blocking them from self organizing behavior.


Conditions Treated

Borderline personality disorder
Substance abuse
Post-traumatic stress
Major depression
Bi-polar disorder
Self-harming behaviors

DBT for the Distracted Mind

Current literature is focusing on the similarities between borderline personality disorder and ADHD: Both conditions have emotional dysregulation as a major component. Patients with ADHD experience “rejection sensitive dysphoria” after a childhood of being on the receiving end of thousands more verbal criticisms than a neurotypical child. The BPD population is also very emotionally reactive to any hint of disapproval or criticism. Therefore, validation, support and affirmation are at the heart of DBT philosophy.

As an adult with ADHD, Scott is working with Mariah Warden of Northstar Therapy to create the live-streaming series, ADD Live: Helping You Thrive with Your Adult ADHD, where they plan to explore the hilarious and tragic elements of ADHD. 

“It’s really letting go of emotional suffering in deference to being at risk for joy.”

— Scott Spradlin

“Scott Spradlin is a therapist full of integrity, knowledge, compassion, and insight. His ability to help individuals and groups heal, grow, and move forward is a critical quality in his approach to therapy. He is a kind and highly competent therapist.”

— Jan L. Petersen