Referring Therapists

Scott routinely accepts referrals and offers consultation in several different scenarios.

1. Referral for DBT Skills Training

For multi-diagnostic and complicated patients who need a trans-diagnostic therapy like DBT. These patients have fairly good self management skills and continue to see the referring therapist as the primary professional in charge of case management, while undergoing a structured program of group DBT skills training through Wise Mind, Wise Life.

2. Referral for Comprehensive DBT

For patients who need more intense intervention, Scott becomes the primary caregiver while the patient participates in all the components of comprehensive DBT, including individual therapy, group skills training and 24-hour phone coaching. The referring therapist may continue to meet as a supplementary provider, in support of DBT objectives.

3. General Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Compulsive behaviors caused by stress, such as problematic eating, alcohol abuse or other addictive behaviors, often improve with the application of general mindfulness-based practices.

4. Clergy-Counselor Collaboration

Leaders of all faiths are on the front lines, working with people in their daily lives. Scott offers informal collaboration from a non-denominational but spiritual paradigm to support clergy and counselors. In his work with patients he supports the general use of the unique tool set that each faith offers individuals in their search for wholeness, joy and meaning.

To refer a patient or collaborate with Scott, contact him here.

“I cultivate an actual relationship with the patient. It’s professional, but it’s actually a real relationship.”

— Scott Spradlin