Meet Scott
Written by Scott Spradlin, LPC, LMAC

Scott Spradlin, LPC, LMAC, is a licensed therapist, educator, author, consultant and media developer based in Wichita, Kansas. He provides DBT, mindfulness-based therapy and Christian counseling services to adults, teens, families and couples.

The only therapist in Wichita to complete Intensive Training with DBT founder Marsha Linehan, Scott is active in the Wichita mental health and mindfulness communities, leading workshops, speaking at conferences, teaching continuing education seminars, running a meditation group, penning articles, creating video series, and volunteering with mental health and anti-poverty non-profits.

Scott has over 22 years experience treating a variety of mental health conditions, which center around emotional dysregulation:

Borderline personality disorder
Substance abuse
Post-traumatic stress
Major depression
Bi-polar disorder

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